Grandmaster Sid Nelson

When we met Mr. Nelson in Lexington, Kentucky, back in February of 2003 we never thought he would be the driving force behind our decision to make martial arts our lifestyle. 

Forward a decade... it was a very proud moment for us to see our Instructor be promoted to Grandmaster, receiving 8th Degree Black Belt, at the Taekwondo National Tournament in Winston-Salem, NC on September 14, 2013.

Below are some pictures of us as White and Yellow Belts and later on as 1st Degree and 2nd Degree Black Belts and Instructors in his martial arts school in Lexington. Last picture is us with our first-born son Philip, 2 years old. His baby brother Raylan is 2 months old. We are now owners of a Taekwondo school in Southlake, Texas, continuing Mr. Nelson's martial arts legacy.

Mr. Nelson was always there in times of success and failure, sharing the joy or sadness and helping us to "stay the course". 

Congratulations, sir! Thank you for leaving the light on for us! We hope to get there one day as well...

Me with Grandmaster Sid Nelson

Me with Grandmaster Sid Nelson