Class in the Grass Fun

Over 150 students were working out in the Parr park at the regional "get together" event. We worked on forms, kicking drills and had fun sparring with students from all over the DFW area. The highlight of sparring is when the Junior students attack the Adult students. It's THE battle of the titans... ;-)

It's always fun to follow a hard workout with some great food. 15 people entered the Annual Chili Cookoff competition. Imagine 15 pots filled with chili. And there was some great chili to eat! What a feast! Congratulations to the three Grapevine winners on winning the contest. 

We also had some police action there. Mrs. O'Rear from our Southlake center is a police officer, so kids were having fun exploring the vehicle and it's many devices. They even got to turn on and off the siren. Thank you, Mrs. O'Rear!

Kids also had a blast in the Annual Pie Eating contest. Just check out the funny faces in pictures bellow... ;-) Imagine lots of whip cream and tiny M&Ms... ;-) Ohhhh, we were laughing out laud!

Well, we certainly had tons of fun today and we hope you will join us next time!