Mr. Preston Fauchier, 11 Year Old Champion!

Check out this fun and amazing Kamas performance by Mr. Preston Fauchier

We were honored to have a guest martial artist, Mr. Fauchier, visit our school yesterday. He impressed all students with his competition level Kamas form, confidence and determination to succeed.

Preston Fauchier, 11, started training in martial arts when he was 5 years old. He received his 2nd Degree Black Belt at 9 and is currently training hard to earn his 3rd Degree Black Belt.

I had the privilege to talk to his mom and dad for quite a while and one thing was very clear. Preston’s family is supporting his passion and training. They love watching his hard work come to fruition.

I wasn’t surprised, as I chatted with Preston’s mom, hearing her say she is never tired of seeing him perform.

“I never get tired of seeing him perform!” - Mrs. Fauchier

Mr. Fauchier explained that Preston was born in Paris, France and they moved to United States in 2008.

The young champion’s tournament performance speaks for itself. He started making the NASKA tournaments in 2015, and on several occasions he won first, second and third places at the world championships in Minneapolis, Washington, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Nashville and more.

In 2017 and 2018, Preston came fourth in the individual form of the NASKA World Top 10 - Creative/Traditional division.

A member of a synchronized martial arts team (Fearless), this young man managed to become Vice World Team Champion at the Capital Classic tournament in Washington in August 2018.

Preston’s skills don’t go unnoticed in the martial arts industry. Back in March, Preston performed his competition Kama form for 12,000 people attending the 34th annual Festival Of Martial Arts at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris, France.

The Arena featured the largest tatami mat in the world and Preston performed at the 9th annual Bruce Lee Challenge during the festival.


And to top it off, earlier this summer, the family traveled back to France because Preston was showing off his amazing martial arts skill in the popular TV show FORT BOYARD.

As a father of 2 young boys, 5 and 7, who also train in martial arts I’m humbled by the dedication and support of Preston’s parents.

I believe that behind every success of our children there is always the family. Parents who are willing to spend time and resources and allow their children to pursue their passion and dreams.

At the same time, the kids are learning about dedication, time management, importance of consistent practice, long term goals and the value of a supporting family.

We wish Preston and his family all the best and we hope to see him on our mats, here at Spicar’s, soon again.


Adam Spicar
Chief Instructor