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Mr. Preston Fauchier, 11 Year Old Champion!

We were honored to have a guest martial artist, Mr. Fauchier, visit our school yesterday. He impressed all students with competition level Kama form, his confidence and determination to succeed.

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Spicar's Students Win Gold Medals

Tournament are a great way for students to participate in an event that test theirs physical and mental skills. Our students had a chance to compete in forms, self-defense, sparring, weapons and board breaking competitions.

Many of our students who are on the Leadership team walked away with 4 medals!

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Martial Arts Champion - Miss Talia Flores from Southlake, TX

Miss Talia Flores recently earned her 1st Degree Senior Black Belt. Miss Flores started training with us, here in Southlake, on February 19, 2010. Currently enrolled in our Teen martial arts program, she is on her way to become a certified Level 1 Instructor by the end of summer.

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Grandmaster Sid Nelson Visiting

Grandmaster Nelson is an 8th Degree Black Belt with over 35 years of Taekwondo experience. He runs a Taekwondo school in Lexington, KY, and is known for his sparring and boxing prowess and precision techniques in his forms.

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Taekwondo National Championships

Big congratulations to our students who competed - Mr. Robert Sampson on his Spirit Medal, Miss Gaby Pulido on her 2nd Place Silver Medal in artistic forms and Mr. Surya Arakere on his 2nd Place Silver Medal in artistic forms.

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