Grandmaster Sid Nelson Visiting

Sid Nelson Tournamen Prep Classes Clinic.jpg

We are very excited to have Grandmaster Nelson visit our school and help students with the upcoming National Tournament.

Grandmaster Nelson is an 8th Degree Black Belt with over 35 years of Taekwondo experience. He runs a Taekwondo school in Lexington, KY, and is known for his sparring and boxing prowess and precision techniques in his forms. Grandmaster Nelson is Mr. and Mrs. Spicar’s original teacher. 

This is an amazing opportunity to train with a Grandmaster! Don’t miss this occasion to train with one of the best technicians in Taekwondo martial art!

Students will have a chance to work with him on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

Not our student yet? That's okay. Simply come and get to meet a real martial arts Grandmaster - it just might make you join our Taekwondo family and change your life!