World Champion - Jackson Rudolph at Spicar's

Amazing video of Mr. Jackson Rudolph performing with Bo Staff.

Mr. Jackson Rudolph holds 58 World Titles - NASKA (43), ISKA (8), and WKA (7) in forms and weapons. He won all of sport karate’s major championships multiple times. Mr. Rudolph is a Bachelor’s Candidate in Human Biology at Stanford University.


Spicar’s Martial Arts hosted Mr. Rudolph for the 2nd annual Bo Staff Seminar on Saturday, August 24, 2019.

Students of all levels, from beginner to advanced, enjoyed working with the world champion and learn from the best! We had group seminars and private lessons available.

Jackson Rudolph is known for his weapons innovation with the bo staff, having developed a style consisting of releases and manipulations combined with power and technical precision. He has a great reputation as an instructor and travels extensively competing and teaching seminars. He has taught over 150 seminars and countless hours of private lessons.

As a martial arts dad I was so excited 🤩 my two young boys (7 and 6) had a chance to work with the world 🥇 champion. They had so much fun! But there were 😭 many tears as well because they both wanted to be like him, but couldn't do the tricks and spins right away.

It was a great 👨‍🏫 lesson when Mr. Rudolph explained the boys he has been training in sports karate for 14 years now. And to become the world champion he used to train 3 hours 😮every day.

Mr. Rudolph mentioned that the didn’t have many friends 👫 back in the middle and high 🏫 school. He was practicing martial arts while many of his friends played video 🎮 games or watched 📺 TV. This was such a great and important 🥰 talk for my sons who, of course, love to play on their iPad and watch Neftlix.

They both started to understand 💡 they cannot be as good as him right away because they have to train a lot first. My sons, as all other children of their age, are used to instant gratification. At their age they don’t yet fully understand that certain things will take a long time to master and get great at.

Jackson Rudolph helped them realized they cannot become world champions after just a few seminars and private lessons! I do teach them them concept of long term goals, however, hearing it from the world champion had a great impact. For that I’m so very 🙏 thankful.

Needless to say they both started 💪 practicing for 20 minutes every night. They are super pumped about showing how much better they can get when Mr. Rudolph comes back to us next year.

I’m excited to help my boys fuel their new passion while reminding them of their new long term goal and commitment.

Mr. Spicar,
Chief Instructor

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