Floor Is Lava Parents Night Out

Saturday was so much fun. We had over 30 kids attend our Floor Is Lava Parents Night Out.

If you have ever been a kid, you know about this game…

Leaping from couch-to-couch as you watch your little brother slowly melting away into the carpet.

I mean, it made up our childhood 😂… your kids have carried on the tradition… and now we have taken it to a completely new level.

Kids got to use their imagination and leap, bounce, and jump all over our school to experience nothing but sheer FUN with lots of hot♨️ games, make new friend and eat some delicious snacks.

These and many other games are implemented into our fun SUMMER CAMPS.
Have your child join us for all the great times.
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summer camps schedule by taping here.

Check out the video above to see the fun we all had.

Adam SpicarComment