2019 February Belt Test


Over 350 Spicar’s Martial Arts students tested for their new ranks in the beginning of February 2019.

We were so proud of all the students’ hard work, sweat and self-control that went into their training. It is not easy to keep coming to classes, get the required attendance and perform on a high level day after day and month after month in preparation for the rank testing.

We celebrated many Black Belts and Instructors who have been training with us for close to a decade now reaching high ranks of 3rd Degree Decided Black Belt and 4th Degree Senior Black Belt.

Their testing performance made the entire room go silent where you could hear a pin drop. The pressure of performing in front of all those students and their parents was tremendous.

However, our instructors didn’t even flinch. Their Fit Tests were over 400 points. Powerful, crisp moves left the audience gasping during the traditional forms test. Sparring had the onlookers in awe, with “WOWs!” and “OHs!” and when our instructors started breaking boards both parents and students erupted in loud cheers when they broke every single one.

So congratulations to our new high ranking instructors:

  • Mr. Brian Garcia - 4th Degree Senior Black Belt

  • Mr. Dylan Berndt - 3rd Degree Decided Black Belt

  • Miss Paige Lepp - 3rd Degree Decided Black Belt.

We are very proud of you and what you give back to students on daily basis does change lives.

Keep at it!

See you at the top!

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