Forging Champions

Today's Black Belt Class was full of surprises cooked up by Mr. Spicar. We continued our month long series of How to Become More Successful in Breaking Boards. Junior, Teen and Adult students had fun breaking larger boards then is required on their Belt Test and few have even dared to try break real concrete cinder blocks. This was a class where we learned how to overcome our fears from trying something we never did and become champions. CONGRATS TO ALL STUDENTS! YOU WERE AMAZING!

Video 2:

Continuation of our month long Black Belt Class breaking series in Conquering Fear and Becoming Champions. Junior, Teen and Adult students had fun breaking real concrete cinder blocks. THIS WAS A FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE FOR ALL STUDENTS! Congratulations on your amazing achievements!

Video 1:

Mr. Cameron Jobson, 9, has been training with the Spicar's since he was 3 years old. He currently holds First Degree Senior Black Belt. In the video above he is the first to smash the concrete cinder block.