2019 June Belt Test

June 2019 Award Ceremony in Southlake, Texas

June 2019 Award Ceremony in Southlake, Texas

Over 250 Spicar’s Martial Arts students showed their courage and determination this week during their belt testing here in Southlake, Texas.

We are so impressed with our students who decided to rank up and get closer to their Black Belt goal this week.

It is our mission to empower and encourage students to go out there and give it their best. Because we know if they do it here, in our karate program, they will do it out there in life, too.


Achieving a new rank is very important to all students. With every new belt they start taking training more seriously. It is because they earned themselves a higher spot on the ladder of success.

Students also enjoy increased responsibility and recognition among their peers as they start turning into leaders. They are well aware that younger or lower ranked students are looking up to them and copy their effort.

This pushes them to increased performance. In order to perform on a higher level they have to use more focus. This helps them in other areas in life such as applying increased focus during school hours, homework or their job.

It is truly powerful watching our students rise up to the calling in every class. We couldn’t more proud of them.

Congratulations to all our students on trying their best.

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Adam Spicar
Chief Instructor