The Importance of Belt Testing


Our Testing Process Helps Your Child Become Stronger Emotionally, Socially, Physically and Intellectually

Often, parents ask me why we push our students to do their belt testing every time we have one. Why are we so excited to have students go through the difficult testing process and what are the reasons.

Usually, I hear parents say something like:

  • It puts stress onto my child.

  • My child is scared of not passing.

  • My child doesn’t want to get embarrassed in front of everybody.

  • I don’t think my child is ready.

  • I have to pay for it?

  • I don’t want my child to experience failure.

  • We are too busy.

  • My child is too tired.

  • And a few others…

So I wanted to take a couple of moments to shed some light into our rank testing process:


A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Every parents that signs their child up for our program wants them to improve in areas like:










Every child that starts training in our martial arts program has a dream of becoming a black belt or a karate master. It’s because they understand that people with black belt embody physical and mental strength.

Our goal is to help instill these qualities into your child, and also help them achieve their dream.

However, it is a journey, not a small path.

The best way for us to help your child grow is regular, consistent class attendance and the testing. It teaches your child to SET GOALS, COMMIT, PERSEVERE, and develop GRIT.

It takes approximately 3-5 years to reach the first level of black belt, so that means that it will take that much thinking, planning and ACTION.

By breaking the long term goal into smaller achievable 8 week steps, we are teaching your child the habit of TAKING ACTION.

Goal setting = learning to be proactive vs procrastinating!

Allowing your child to skip tests causes them to regress in these values they have worked so hard to learn. Over the last decade of working with thousands of children we know that when a child tests consistently, every time they get a chance, they achieve their goals.

Mastering the goal setting skill rewards our students later in life when they will face difficult job tasks or life decisions; it also puts them above their peers on the ladder of success.

Make your child stick things out because mastery, even at a child’s level, takes time and repetition.


To conquer fear you must become fear.

The best way for your child to overcome their fear is to face it.


  • If your child is afraid of bullies the best way is to equip your child with tools to deal with it like martial arts training.

  • If your child is not sure if they can pass their Fit Test the best way is to have them attend as many classes as possible to build up their physical abilities.

  • If your child is afraid of sparring the best way to help them get better is to let them spar.

  • If your child is shy to do things in front of other people the best way it to let them practice in front of other people.

I could go on, but I believe you get the point. It’s okay if your child goofs up, if they lose, if they get embarrassed. These are important events to know how to handle.

Most successful people experience many losses and embarrassments before achieving success. The reason is that they didn’t make excuses, they didn’t stop working on their goals, they didn’t give up when facing their fears.

I’m a parent myself. I have two boys, five and seven years old. I know it’s tempting to just give them a hug and say something like:

  • “It’s okay, honey, the other boy/girl was bigger.”

  • “The other kid was a higher belt than you.”

  • “I know you are having a bad day.”

It might make you feel better or make them feel better but it is not beneficial in long run.

Instead, ask your child if they tried to do their best! If they tell you they did, but just goofed up or lost simply reply that you are PROUD OF THEM FOR GIVING IT THEIR BEST SHOT AND LET’S DO IT AGAIN NEXT TIME. That’s it, and add a hug:)

Then bring them to class or schedule a private lesson so we can help you put them back on track right away and resume the road to success.

The worst thing is to not give your child a way to fix what they messed up on and pull them out of the activity because you think that it will protect your child.

At the risk of overgeneralizing, I think our children have so many choices of ways to enrich their lives that sometimes kids quit an activity as an easy response to frustration or boredom.

Competence breeds confidence, but success and accomplishment breed self-esteem and social well-being.


Pressure comes from a lack of preparation.

Our belt testing forces students to mentally prepare. All students know and understand they can test and advance every 8 weeks. Every class your child attends puts them closer to the testing day.

This mental preparation might be the most valuable thing our process offers.

Preparation is sometimes overlooked. And it should NOT be, because preparation is essential to progress in life.

As instructors our duty is to prepare your child for the testing day. Class after class we work with your child together to help them get ready.

The benefits of preparation are:

  1. It helps your child start strong: 

    When you prepare well, you have a foundation in place to then build on.

  2. It helps in understanding things you need to do:

    When you prepare well, you have an understanding of what is required to achieve your goal.

  3. It helps in knowing your strengths and weaknesses: 

    When you prepare well for something, you have an understanding of some of the strengths and weaknesses of what you are preparing for and how to adjust and correct for those.

Going through our Belt Test process and preparing for it consistently week after week teaches your child how to prepare for and deal with anything that life will throw at them later.


Seriousness is the deepest pleasure we have.

Ranking up is very important for your child. With every new belt they start taking training more seriously because they earned themselves a higher spot on the ladder of success. They will also enjoy increased responsibility and recognition among their peers.

Parents often say they would like their child to act more mature, try harder in classes and be more responsible.

  • Our Belt Test teaches your child just that.

Every time they put on a new belt they understand they leveled up. It’s a huge visual tool that your child puts on several times a week. And they understand, that in order to reach the next one, they will have to work a little harder than before.

As this process repeats every 8 weeks you will see your child set higher and more difficult goals. At the same time you will start to see their attitude change as well. As your child gets higher belts they will become more important examples for other students.

They will also put value into their training. As they begin to understand that their Belt Test costs money their effort will increase. They will start asking us questions about how to improve and become better.

Training grit, self-awareness and self-correction habits will start taking roots.

No child wants to be a “forever yellow belt”, and our Belt Test gives parents a great opportunity to talk to their children about the value of things.

Using the testing process gives parents leverage to have kids do chores, get better grades in school, play nicely with siblings and more.

I hope you enjoyed this article. As always, feel free to talk to us about how we can help your child on the road to success.

Adam Spicar
Chief Instructor

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