Open House / Buddy Day

We will be hosting an Open House and Buddy Day on Monday, April 18 and Tuesday, April 19.

This will be a cool event to give a chance to children to find out about martial arts and how fun it can be to start earning belts while developing confidence, listening skills, focus and stronger body.

Please, reserve your spot by filling our form (event closed).

Monday, April 18
3-4 year olds - 4:00pm
5-6 year olds - 4:00pm
7-11 year olds - 4:30pm
12-15 year olds - 6:45pm
16+ old - 7:15pm

Tuesday, April 19
3-4 year olds - 5:30pm
5-6 year olds - 5:30pm
7-11 year olds - 4:45pm
12-15 year olds - 7:00pm
16+ old - 12:00pm (noon)

Have your child wear comfortable play clothes. Adults bring workout clothes.

Call 817-488-6009 with any questions. Visit us at