We are closed due to weather

Parents and students,

We are closed today due to the inclement weather. We are looking forward to be open tomorrow.

Moms and dads, looking for something to keep your kids busy and get them ready for the tournament? Try the Spicar's Snow-Day Challenge:

20 lunges on each leg, then hold your best front stance for 1 minute (on each side)
20 squats and then hold your best sitting stance for 1 minute
20 reverse lunges (stepping backwards and lunging), then hold your best back stance for 1 minute
20 crunch and punch sit-ups (tuck your feet under the couch and perform a sit-up with hands up by your chin; at the top, punch the air above your head)

Repeat 5 times!

Want to practice your forms at home or on the road while you're traveling?

You can find YouTube videos and PDF documents of all the forms on our mobile Spicars Martial Arts app.

Stay safe and have a nice day!

Adam SpicarComment