January / February Newsletter

Dear parents and students

Our January / February newsletter is out! Please, mark the events on your calendar.
In this newsletter we talk about how important it is to challenge ourselves to reach our goals, and we will tell you some steps to help you get there.

Another article looks at self-defense for children. We will put ourselves into child's shoes and will try to explain that it's not as easy as it looks when it comes to having your child defend themselves.

Also, we will present to you one of our newest Black Belts, Mr. Ray Reece. He started training with us back in July, 2008! His essay is a very fun, great read. You can see him practicing together with the Demo Team, or helping others in classes as he is also on the Tiger Team pursuing his dream of becoming an Instructor.

Download your copy here: http://bit.ly/V0mRdq

Click the image to download the newsletter.

Click the image to download the newsletter.

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