December Belt Test

ALL STUDENTS ARE TO WEAR FULL UNIFORM STARTING TODAY! All student are required to wear FULL uniform with plain white t-shirt underneath to all classes starting TODAY all they way through to the Belt Test to help with being prepared for the Testing.

To the student, it is DEVASTATING to miss a Testing. But there are times it cannot be helped because of travel plans, vacations and the like. We have the flexibility to work around that provided we have enough time to do so. 

So parents, LOOK AT YOUR CALENDAR NOW! If you have a conflict with the Belt Test date, that is fine, don’t just write it off. We will make plans to test your child. Just let us know well beforehand. Students are allowed to test on an alternate day 3x per year.

1) Lil’ Tigers Belt Test – Thu, December 6 at 6pm in our center

Full uniform with patches required. This is a formal event!
No regular classes in the school.

2) Regional Belt Test for Juniors, Teens and Adults – Sat, December 8

9am – All current White, Yellow and Orange belts
10:30am – All current Green, Purple and Blue belts
12pm – All current Brown, Red and Black belts

Location (same as where we had the tournament):

Coppell Middle School West
1301 Wrangler Drive
Coppell, TX 75019

Driving directions (20 minutes):

Full uniform with patches required to we worn at the Belt Test. This is a formal event! 
No regular classes in the school.

Testing dues:
Lil’ Tigers and White through Probationary Black Belts: 
1st and 2nd family member: $60 each
3rd+ family member: $30 each

Recommended and above Black Belts: 
1st and 2nd family member: $120 each
3rd+ family member: $60 each

Should a student not pass testing, the student does not pay for next testings until they pass.

In case you register over the phone or email we will charge the card you have on file with us for the Belt Test registration dues.

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