Halloween Party is this Wednesday!

Dear parents and students

Here is our schedule for the upcoming Halloween Party Day:

THIS Wednesday, October 31 (NO REGULAR CLASSES)

4pm – Lil’ Tigers
4:30pm – Juniors White through Purple Belts
5:15pm – Juniors Blue Belts and up
6pm – Teens & Adults

Students, leave your belts, karate uniforms and sparring gears at home! Come in your costume! We will play games, dance to the music, have lots of fun and give out tons of candy! After the party your parents can take you straight to your trick or treating.

Candy for Halloween Party Day:

Parens, please help us make this party a success – you can start bringing unopened bags of candy and put it in the storage bin in the lobby. We want to fill a huge cauldron with the candy and make lots of children happy.

Check out these great pictures from last year’s party: http://bit.ly/vZK0S7

Thank you and have a great day!

Mr. Spicar

Adam SpicarComment