Goal Setting and Board Breaking Seminar

We had such a great time with our students during the Goal Setting and Board Breaking Seminar.

This seminar helped our students realize how important is to set goals and how hard it gets to achieve them.

We feel that, in today’s society of instant gratification and easy access to almost anything, children don’t often understand that to achieve something great takes time, work, sweat and perseverance. In many cases it will takes years for children to become good at something.

Our seminar helped students understand goals vs. wishes and we also talked about how they can map out concrete steps to achieve their goals.

We even showed them and practiced how not to give up after they stumble or experience a defeat with our “Yes, I Can!” attitude. And, as you can see in the video above, many kids first experienced defeat when attempting to break their boards on the first try.

We helped students consider these "roadblocks" and ways of dealing with them to achieve success.

And SUCCESS we achieved, indeed!

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