10th Annual Potluck Dinner & Awards


Saturday, Dec 8 was the 10th annual December Award Ceremony for Spicar’s Martial Arts of Southlake TX, a tradition that has brought our school together in a big way at one of the busiest times of the year.

For a second year now, we had both of our taekwondo schools (Kroger location and Davis location) together for this festive event. Over 300 people attended to support and encourage their karate kids in receiving their new belts and awards.

Every year it is a magical, nostalgic experience and this year’s ceremony was no exception. The food and happiness abound, and children and parents alike were joyed to fill their hearts and bellies in awards and tasty food.


Per usual, a group of our students presented a lively and exceptional demonstration of their weapon mastery for the audience to see. The Spicar’s leadership team was phenomenal! 2 outstanding leadership members, Benji and Oliver, lead over 20 students through a musical Kama’s form without missing a move. Their crisp black uniforms and intense ninja faces made the performance something to be marveled at. A few leadership members stepped up to do solo performances, which were (of course) exceptional. Once the uproarious applause subsided, awards and belts were announced and cheered about; not to mention the obligatory photoshoot that comes with the receiving of such prestigious awards.

A few lucky students won “Student of the Year” awards, “Most Improved” and “Most Dedicated” awards, as well as “Instructor of the Year”.

Once again, it was a magical experience to behold and a great way to celebrate all the student’s hard work throughout the 2018 year. Check out the pictures below.

I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for our students and their families! 

Best wishes and Happy Holidays from all of Spicar’s staff.

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