Bully Defense Workshop

All the kids got to break a real wooden board.

All the kids got to break a real wooden board.

Spicar’s Martial Arts hosted a great free community event this Saturday.

This Bully Defense Workshop taught participants about the 4 types of bullying and how to defend against these:

  1. Physical: This traditional form of bullying involves acts of intending physical harm. Hitting/Striking, Pushing/Shoving, Grabbing, Knocking Down/Tripping

  2. Verbal: Name-calling or teasing - MOST COMMON

  3. Social/Emotional: Spreading rumors, intentionally leaving others out of activities on purpose, breaking up friendships.

  4. Cyber: This method of bullying involves using the internet, texting, email and other digital technologies to threaten and harm others.

Kids and parents were practicing “hands on” how it feels when someone calls them names and how to react to it. We then progressed to physical bullying and worked on practical self-defense.

Our biggest goal was to show all kids that it’s okay to be different and that it is what makes everyone special. That they have a right to defend themselves and showed them concrete steps on how to practice for bully defense situation at home with their parents.