Training with 7th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor

Our students had an amazing time learning martial arts from Mr. James Rich, 7th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor from Knoxville, TN.  Mr. Rich has been teaching martial arts for over 30 years and visited us on August 9 and 10, 2014.

Mr. Rich was teaching clinics for children, teens and adults with over 200 students attending. Our adult students learned about longevity and how to train safely and having fun practicing martial arts as approaching the "wise age". Our teen students were encouraged to train hard, smart and to not give up when training gets harder or when they don't pass their belt test. Children had so much fun doing martial arts with Mr. Rich that they were asking him to move to Texas and stay here... ;-)

Check out Mr. Rich's martial arts demonstration video and pictures below. 

Adam SpicarComment